When it comes to the levels of anger that one can express towards a significant other, somewhere on the higher side of the spectrum is smashing that person’s car with an easily wieldable object. Short of physically harming someone, it’s the ultimate form of taking out seething domestic rage, almost to the point of being cliche. And while no one envies either the recipient or the perpetrator of the car smashing, it admittedly does make for a fairly entertaining scene.

That’s why when one woman saw her neighbor absolutely going to town on her husband’s Corvette with a golf club, she was quick to get out her phone and start recording. You can see the aforementioned vehicular destruction in all its gritty glory in the video below.

Warning: If you own a Corvette or a similarly expensive car, you may want to shield you eyes.

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I don’t know what the owner of that Corvette did to get his wife so mad with him. Safe bet is that it had something to do with cheating, but who knows? Maybe he forgot to get her flowers for their anniversary. Maybe he didn’t notice her new haircut. Maybe he forgot to pick up the kids from school. Hell, maybe it was all just some sort of elaborate insurance scam that both the husband and wife were in on.

Whatever the case, I hope the golf club wielding woman is prepared for her newfound internet infamy. Because, considering that the video has raked in nearly 5 million views, you better believe that at least a few family members will have some questions for her come Thanksgiving.

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