Smashing Police Window

Dashcam Video Shows Escaped Hospital Patient Smashing Police Car Window in Tulsa

When it comes to newsworthy stories surrounding dashcam videos, crazy car accidents and high-speed chases tend to be your typical fare. But, every once and a while, you'll get an off-the-wall dashcam-related story that goes a slightly different route. Recently released footage showing an escaped hospital patient smashing up the front window of a police cruiser with a pipe in Tulsa, Oklahoma definitely has the makings for that type of story.

While that particular incident occurred several weeks ago, police dashcam video of the vandalism and body cam footage of the ensuing arrest were just released on Monday, August 27, and they show just how intense the scene really was.


Police said on Aug. 7 around 4 a.m., officers were dispatched to Brookhaven Hospital for a patient attempting to leave. The man was found on I-244 eastbound near Garnett.

The man is seen smashing an officer's window. Police said the man was experiencing a mental health crisis. The man was tackled and officers returned him to the hospital.

No arrests were made.

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As you can see from the body cam video of the arrest posted below, this looked like a scene straight out of the show Cops.

The unidentified vandal, who also happened to be wielding a 2x4 along with his pipe, clearly has some issues that need to be worked out. I'm no medical expert or anything, but anyone who decides to just start smashing cop car windows probably isn't the most stable of people.

Here's hoping his second stint in the hospital goes a lot better than his first time around.

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