Mississippi Car Crash

Dashcam Footage Shows Intense Moment Car Crashes into School Bus in Mississippi


School is back in session and Mississippi native Erik Payton just taught everyone an unofficial class on how not to drive, as the 24 year old caused a pretty intense wreck early Thursday morning that ended in him crashing into a school bus and landing on his roof.

Dashcam video shows the shocking incident, which looked like a stunt from a Fast and Furious movie.

"I heard tires squealing and noise coming from my left out the window so I saw from my peripheral vision a car coming across the median," said Clark Pennington, whose dashcam recorded the crash.

"It's surreal to see something like that happening right in front of you but when I realized I wasn't going to be involved the first thing that I wanted to do was try to help you know and do something positive."


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Pennington called 911 as soon as he witnessed the crash, but thankfully, there were no children aboard the bus, and the other people involved in the crash only sustained minor injuries.

"The man was getting out of the Camaro and he said that he was OK and he went around to check on the people that he hit and I heard somebody else that was already checking on them say they was okay it wasn't life-threatening," Pennington recalled.

"I wish more people had dashcams so you know you can see things that happen on the road... Especially in wrecks and accident, you'd have video proof of what happened instead of he say, she say."


On top of getting in the serious wreck, Payton was also arrested for not having insurance. Yeah, I'm guessing he's definitely had better days.

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