If you’ve ever been in a car accident, whether a fender bender or something more serious, you know that initial feeling of adrenaline that floods your body. In the case of this car accident in Brandon, Mississippi, the security footage shows a woman experiencing that kind of shock. That’s what she has to be experiencing, right? If you crashed your car like this, there’s no way you wouldn’t be in shock.

A brand new gas station and convenience store in the town will have some serious repairs to make after Shelby Lynne May, per WTOL, sped down the road and careened terrifyingly into the pumps. Later arrested for driving under the influence, it’s a wonder she can even walk following this crash. However, that’s probably what allowed her to walk away with few injuries.

The video, lucky for everyone, caught it all on tape. And with every watch, you’ll probably spot something new, just like the Alt_driver staff did when this ran across our desks.

May loses control of her car and skids into an embankment. Since she was speeding, she takes flight and completely flips into one of the huge brick columns anchoring the pumps. She lands, miraculously, between two pumps at the gas station and while her car is totaled, it definitely could have been smashed to smithereens instead.

She exits the car without appearing to be seriously hurt and basically moseys away from the wreck in pure shock. She was later taken to the hospital for minor injuries, but the long arm of the law caught her later.

Mississippi Gas Station Woman Crash
WTOL via Rankin Co. SO

Who knows how this accident was handled later, but we’re using this as an opportunity to recap the steps to take following a car accident.

What to Do in a Car Accident

1. Be safe, then sorry.

Move vehicles out of traffic or into a safe place if able. Shift your vehicle into park and turn it off while putting on the hazard lights.

Check all passengers for injuries and call an ambulance if needed. In any case, call the police even if the accident is small because a police report is invaluable to your insurance company.


2. Gather records.

Collect the following exchange information from all those involved in the accident:

  • Drivers’ and passengers’ names and contact information
  • Vehicle descriptions, including the make, model, and year
  • Driver’s license numbers and license plate numbers
  • Insurance companies and policy numbers for auto insurance
  • Eyewitness accounts with names and contact information
  • The address of the accident scene
  • The police officer’s name and badge number that collected the accident report

Document the accident by taking photos, even in a minor accident. This is invaluable for the claim process.

3. File a claim.

Contact your insurance agent to begin the claims process. Most car insurance companies nowadays allow you to file a claim or report an accident through either the smartphone app or website. However, you can always call if you feel more comfortable speaking directly to an agent.


If this happens to you, do your best to stay calm like Shelby Lynne here. If she can manage it, then so can you.

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