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The McLaren P1 is one of the fastest hypercars in the world — it may even be the fastest, according to some tests. So, of course, it’s also one of the most expensive street-legal road cars that money can buy.

However, in our humble opinion, it’s worth the price tag if you have the money. When you compare the McLaren to other hypercars and supercars, it easily blows away most of the competition. Whats more, you might be surprised how the McLaren P1’s price compares to other supercars.

So, how much does the McLaren P1 cost, exactly?

How Much Is a McLaren P1?

If you wanted to buy a McLaren P1 off of the production line, it would have cost about $1.2 million. However, production ended in 2015, and all 375 units had been sold out since before production began in 2013.

There was also the McLaren P1 GTR production period, which began in 2015. Far fewer of the special edition GTRs were made than the standard P1, and they were originally only available to those who purchased a P1. The GTR is a commemorative track edition of the McLaren F1 GTR, so it isn’t street-legal. The P1 GTR costs $3.4 million.

Both of these models would likely cost more today, however, as you’d have to find someone willing to let go of their unit and probably purchase it at auction.

What Makes the McLaren P1 Worth It?

Apparently, it’s a bargain. Although $1.2 million sounds like a lot, in the world of hypercars, it’s actually quite…affordable. Let’s look at the price of the McLaren P1’s main competition, the LaFerrari.

LaFerrari Coupes sold for about $3-4 million off the production line, however, subsequent sales have seen prices closer to $7 million. The LaFerrari Aperta open-top edition has sold recently for $10 million.

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McLaren P1 Top Speed

And, the McLaren might be faster than the LaFerrari. In a race between the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari, and Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren finished in first and the Ferrari finished about 0.5 seconds later in last place. Each of these hypercars uses a hybrid electric motor and Formula 1 influence to achieve such groundbreaking speeds.

The McLaren P1 and the LaFerrari both have a listed top speed of 217 mph. The 918 Spyder can get up to 211 mph. The McLaren P1 can go from 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds compared to the LaFerrari’s 2.4. However, with a top speed of 217 mph, these supercars are just getting going at 60. The LaFerrari can get to 200km (about 124 mph) in 7 seconds compared to the McLaren P1s 6.4 seconds.

Limited Production

Only 375 McLaren P1s were made. Plus an additional 58 P1 GTRs. This comes to a total of 433, far fewer than its two main competitors. Ferrari produced about 700 LaFerraris, and there are 918 Porsche 918 Spyders in the world.

The McLaren P1 is Street-Legal

The McLaren is also road-legal, which can be difficult to find in a car this fast. Many hypercars and supercars are only legal on a race track. The P1 might even be the fastest street-legal motor car in the world.

The P1 currently holds the fastest street-legal sports car lap records at Anglesey Coastal Circuit, Silverstone National Circuit, Algarve International Circuit, and Circuit of the Americas. That’s faster than all the Lamborghinis, Lanzantes, Corvettes, Audis, and Bugattis in the world.


To sum up, the McLaren P1 is worth it because it’s fast as hell. It also cost less than its two main competitors in the hypercar-verse. The Mclaren P1 supercar is also rarer than both the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder as it had a more limited production. Overall, if you can somehow afford a McLaren, it is well worth the price tag.

This post was originally published on July 31, 2019.

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