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Pony car enthusiasts will soon be forced to opt for a Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, or Dodge Challenger, because the Camaro is being discontinued. The 2023 sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro will be the last model year, unless the nameplate is revived again in the future.

You might be wondering why such a consistently selling sports car would be canceled. In fact, Camaro sales were on the rise in America for Q1 2019. So, what’s the deal? Let’s check it out.

Why Is the Camaro Going to Be Discontinued?

The decision to cancel the Camaro seems to have come somewhat abruptly, and we’ve yet to receive official confirmation from Chevrolet or General Motors. But, the sources on the discontinuation, first discussed over at Muscle Cars and Trucks, do seem reliable.

There seem to be several possible reasons why the Camaro could be canceled. Firstly, although the Camaro’s sales went up in America for Q1 2019, sales elsewhere dropped. A lot. Across Europe, Mexico, and South Korea, sales dropped between 6.9% and 37%. However, American sales make up a vast portion of the two-door mainstream sports car sales, so Camaro sales should still have risen overall. So, let’s look for some other contributing factors.


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Sales did increase in North America and overall, however, they continued to lag behind competitors like the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. Still, though, third place isn’t anything to scoff at — the Chevy Camaro still corners an increasing 26% of the market. That’s a lot of profit to just discontinue: there must be something else at play.

Indeed, it seems the real cause of the Camaro’s discontinuation is likely due to restructuring at General Motors. At the end of last year, well before 2019 Q1 sales reports, the automaker set plans to free cash flow for long-term projects like automated driving implementation and electric vehicle design and production. You likely heard about this restructuring in mainstream news, since manufacturing in the U.S. was rolled back and thousands of salaried employees were fired.

Internally, this restructuring also seems to have meant canceling certain projects that were in the planning and design phases. This, as we understand it, included the Chevrolet Camaro.

When Was the Camaro Discontinued Before?

Of course, those who follow muscle cars know that all hope is not lost. The Camaro has been canceled several times before, and it’s always been revived. Perhaps, we’ll even see an electric or automated Camaro in the future as part of General Motor’s long-term programs.


In the meantime, sports car customers will have to settle for competitors. The Mustang and Dodge Challenger will be sure things for at least a few more years. And, the Cadillac ATS and CTS are both built from the same platform as the Camaro, as well, although Cadillac’s styling is quite different. Overall, you’ve got a few options to consider — or, just wait for the inevitable Camaro revival.

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