GuitarmageddonZL1’s statement from the beginning of the above video — “It can never be loud enough” — has been contested…by the side airbags in his Camaro ZL1. Oops.

After installing a pair of diverters onto the the exhaust system of his car, the YouTuber, of course, took his new creation for a spin. So, as you do when you want to cause permanent hearing loss to as many people as possible, he picked up his girlfriend and began assaulting both of their eardrums with something akin to a jet taking off in your back yard.

The results were mixed. The ZL1 sounded amazing, and, when viewed from a distance, had to be an incredible sight and sound to behold. Total experience for all the senses. However, that would be short lived, because the car then tore itself apart in protest to the new noise by deploying its airbags. Apparently the new straight exhaust opening was placed right next to the airbag sensors. Again, oops.

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