mitsubishi evo dyno fail
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Mitsubishi Evo Falls off Dyno During 450-HP Run


JDM cars are cool, but if you take on a project car like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, you better believe it's going to come with a hefty cost. It takes a ton of time, money, and energy to create a high-horsepower build with one of these. Once you get all your parts together and installed, you now have to find a credible tuner that can dial in your ECU perfectly with the help of a dyno tuning session. However, sometimes you run into some unforeseen issues.

Here's an incident that would break the heart of just about any car owner. Imagine pouring your money into a project car, getting it basically finished, bringing it to the dyno, and this happens. Any experienced tuner with a dynamometer should know that you need to strap down the front of the car, especially when dealing with a big turbo AWD Mitsubishi Evo IX. Unfortunately for the owner, he gets to find out his car is not strapped properly the hard way.

This Mitsubishi Evolution looked like it was on its way to create some pretty decent WHP numbers at first. You can hear the turbocharger spooling and the wastegate opening during shifting. Everything sounds pretty healthy. However, a mechanical failure is the least of this guys worries. He should focus more on the competence of the shop. Before he knows it, things take a turn for the worse.


As soon as the Evo 9 shifts into third gear, the driver really puts the pedal to the metal to lay down some high numbers. As the RPMs climb and the power gets put down, the car begins to crawl its way to the left. Once the front end of the car started going, there was basically no stopping it. It plummets off of the dyno and gets jammed up into the left side pillar. The bill to fix this one is going to make those Injectors, intercooler, and fuel system parts look cheap. But, I'm assuming that the shop covered repair costs.

Take notes from this video, so the next time you need a dyno tune, you'll know to double check that your car is strapped properly. If it's not, that's just a bad time waiting to happen. I'm not sure what was going on in this shop, but I think they learned their mistake after this one. That's why it's good to choose someone reputable. A car running at full power and flying off the dyno has potential to cause some serious carnage, but luckily no one was injured during this incident.

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