The 2018 Ford Mustang has a fascinating new feature

The new 2018 Ford Mustang has a feature that might make your neighbors happy.

While some people don't mind the loud V-8 growl, it can understandably be annoying for others--especially if it wakes them up late at night or early in the morning. So Ford is offering a new feature called the "Good Neighbor Mode" that allows drivers to limit when the Mustang's engine makes a loud noise.

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The Quiet Start allows owners to set what times the engine can be loud and when they want it to be quiet. So if you are surrounded by neighbors and have to leave at odd hours of the night or morning, you won't wake them up and they won't hate you.

Former Ford head of vehicle engineering Steve von Foerster had the police called on him one morning because his Shelby GT350 was so loud, and that sparked the idea of this new feature.

It's a really cool feature for the car to have, and your neighbors will certainly like you a little more if you're not disturbing them all the time.

(h/t The Drive)