Texas Motor Speedway roasted Denny Hamlin @TXMotorSpeedway / Twitter

Denny Hamlin is having a rough week, you guys. After embarrassingly missing the pits in the closing stages of the Southern 500, Hamlin fought back to win the race in dramatic fashion to secure a Darlington sweep. His second win of the weekend had Hamlin riding high. That is, until post race inspections.

Both Joe Gibbs Racing cars used in the two wins were flagged for rear suspension violations. Crew chiefs from both teams were suspended and fined and Hamlin’s wins were encumbered.

Texas Motor Speedway saw a Hamlin’s unfortunate weekend and decided to pile on in the most hilarious way.

Harsh! We don’t know what Hamlin ever did to the Texas track’s social media team, but whatever it was, they should be considered even.

Hamlin has two career wins at the track but finished 25th this year. He will have to wait until next season to exact revenge on the track. Hopefully he has a tweet locked and loaded if he does.

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