Scott Dixon Surprised This Little Girl After She Sent a Heartfelt Letter


Indycar is all about keeping the fans happy, and to that end, they went far out of their way to help a tiny Scott Dixon fan know that he was O.K. after his intense crash at the Indianapolis 500.

Second-grader Lucy Heslin was distraught when she saw Dixon's crash, and, according to her mother, she immediately burst into tears. She was soon able to get her concern under control, and decided to write a letter showing her appreciation to Indycar for keeping her favorite driver safe.


That, alone, is enough to melt the heart of even the most callous racing fan, but Indycar took a step further and decided to arrange a special surprise for Heslin. Arni Sribhen with Indycar helped set up a few gifts for Heslin, culminating in a face-to-face meeting with Dixon himself, just to show that he is really O.K.

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