One driver will be the first of his kind inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame

When Roy Hornaday is inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, he'll have a special honor that no other driver in the Hall has.

Hornaday will be inducted as the first driver to represent the Camping World Truck Series. Being the first to represent the entire series is quite impressive and something nobody can take away from him.

"I thought, 'It's pretty cool to be the first one in there,' " Hornaday said. "It's going to be really great because I'm going to have two records in the Hall of Fame, being the youngest."

Hornaday initially thought he was also going to be the youngest driver in the Hall, but his good buddy Mark Martin is roughly six-months younger than Hornaday.

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When Hornaday learned he'd be inducted, he says Martin told him the Hall is about more than his accomplishments on the track. It's also about who you've helped, how you've handled yourself, and about the people's hearts he has touched, according to

"I hope I can represent the Truck Series like they put my career on the map, what they've done for my whole family," Hornaday said.

"Because definitely I owe everything to NASCAR and the France family for starting the Truck Series, and that phone call from (Dale) Earnhardt (Sr.) of giving me an opportunity to make it big?'time," added Hornaday.

As part of his illustrious career Hornaday won four Truck Series championships, with 51 wins, and 234 top-10's. In 1995, he won six races for Dale Earnhardt Inc.'s No. 16 Chevrolet.