Rally driver Ott Tanak just raced for M-Sport for the final time as he is switching over to Toyota, and M-Sport decided to prank the Estonian driver on his way out.

During Tanak’s final race with M-Sport at Rally Australia, he was sprayed with water in his crotch every time he went to third gear. Apparently M-Sport engineers figured out a way to take the water designated for the windshield and changed its course.

“My balls are nicely wet now,” Tanak said in his press conference via Motorsport.

“Let’s put it this way; as M-Sport won the championship this means they must have some quite good engineering… so they made some special system so every time I switch to third gear on the road section, some pipes were wetting my balls.”

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The team also decorated Tanak’s hotel room in Toyota gear as another prank since he’s leaving the team for next season.

M-Sport pulled a similar prank on driver Mikko Hirvonen when he left the team.

Tanak did share a more touching moment with his team after finishing the race.

The prank was a hilarious and creative way to send Tanak out as he changes teams.

Race team pulled a hilarious prank on its driver in his final race with the team Massimo Bettiol/Getty Images
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