A star driver's day goes up in flames in their final race

The final race of Danica Patrick's full-time racing career ended early at Homestead as she was involved in a crash in Stage 2 of the race.

The right front of Patrick's car was damaged and caught fire, and she eventually had to get out of the car due to the amount of smoke.

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Patrick announced that this would be her last season as a full-time Cup Series driver, and she plans to end her career next year after racing the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500.

This certainly isn't how she wanted her career to end, and she was understandably frustrated as she left her No. 10 car.

"It's kind of just the story of the year," Patrick said. "All the things that pointed in the direction that I ended up going. I'd start to run better and just thing would happen."

When asked if she'd be back for the Daytona 500, Patrick said, "Let's hope I don't end up in the medical center."

It's a tough way for her career to end, but perhaps she'll find more success in her final two races.