Is fighting the best way to settle disputes in NASCAR, or should drivers be more civil?


During Saturday night's Xfinity Series race at Texas, Brendan Gaughan and Ross Chastain had a contentious battle that eventually carried over after the race.

Gaughan approached Chastain behind pit road after the race, and the two engaged in a fistfight that resulted in a black eye and busted lip for Chastain.

The 42-year-old Gaughan said after the race that his generation handles things differently than "millennials." He said he was taught to handle disputes with eye-to-eye contact to let them know there's a problem.

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We've seen fights and brawls between drivers before. Some are behind the scenes where fans can't see it, and some are on the track after a wreck.

Fans always seem to enjoy watching brawls, but are they good for the sport? Is it good for the sport for drivers to handle things the "old school way," or should they be more civil?

Just to refresh your memory, here are a few fights between drivers in recent years.

Tony Stewart and Joey Logano went at it in 2013 at Auto Club Speedway.


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Clint Bowyer and Jeff Gordon sparked an all-out brawl between crews in 2012


And Matt Kenseth went after Brad Keselowski after the race at the Bank of America 500.

Are fights great for the sport since they are entertaining for fans and show how much it means to the drivers? Or are fights bad for the sport because they set bad examples for younger fans who are watching?

We'll leave this one up to the readers.


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