NASCAR plans to limit Cup drivers in Xfinity and Truck racing Jerry Markland/Getty Images

NASCAR is planning to set a new limit on how many races a Cup Series driver can compete in for the Xfinity and Truck series.

As it stands now, drivers with five or more years of experience in the Cup series are limited to 10 races in the Xfinity Series and seven races in the Truck category.

According to Autosport, the new limit will be five races in each category.

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Xfinity Series director Wayne Auton said Friday that the new limits will be set sometime in the next few weeks.

“Going forward we have been in talks with teams about limiting the number of races more, or even staying where we’re at,” Auton said.

“Those conversations are ongoing so stay tuned.”

Auton said the young Xfinity drivers enjoy taking on Cup drivers.

“NASCAR racing is set for a long time with the talent that we’ve got with the young guns that are out there,” he said.

Cup Series drivers have won 13 of the 17 Xfinity races thus far, meaning only four races have been won by Xfinity Series drivers. NASCAR officials believe lowering the limit from 10 to five will drastically help the Xfinity Series drivers improve and have a better chance to win.

It’s probably a good idea to limit the Cup Series drivers more so younger drivers can have a chance to improve.

(h/t Autosport)

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