An activist is planning a flag burning demonstration at an upcoming NASCAR race

Gene Stilp is not a timid man. Stilp is an activist planning on holding a flag burning at an upcoming NASCAR race at Dover International Speedway. At least it isn't an American flag he is burning.

This won't be the first time for his inflammatory demonstration, but he wants to up the ante by holding it in a place where some might not take kindly to his message.

Last week, Stilp held his demonstration in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He and his supporters burned a combined Nazi/Confederate flag and then placed it in a trash can.

How one comes to posses such a flag without being added to some secret government watch list is beyond us, but at least the demonstration seems to be reserved and peaceful.

According to, Silp wants to, "[...] expand the whole racial conversation beyond kneeling to include the whole racial discussion," and talk about the role President Trump has in igniting outrage.

He then explained that a NASCAR event was his choice do to it being, "A type of event where the Confederate flag has a definite foothold."

"Although crowds at the NASCAR tracks watch the events that always drive in curves to the left, their beliefs seem to go more and more to the right," he said.

And that is why he's an activist, not a comedian.

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