A pillar of the evangelical community supports NASCAR owners who are against anthem protests


Richard Petty and Richard Childress have picked up some big time support,

The NASCAR team owners said earlier this week they would fire any employee who kneeled during the national anthem.

Now, Franklin Graham, on his Facebook page, has come out in support of The King and Childress.

God bless Richard Petty, Richard Childress, and NASCAR owners for doing the right thing. They told their employees that if they disrespected the flag or the national anthem, they would get them a ride on a Greyhound bus! I think NFL owners should take a lesson from them! Do you agree?

As of Thursday afternoon, the post has been liked more than 223,000 times, shared nearly 48,000 times and elicited nearly 19.000 comments.

It does continue to show the incredible divisive nature of a social issues that has now permeated all of sport. NASCAR, Ford, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are among those who have come out with statements supporting peaceful protests.