Twin-Turbo Mustang 196 MPH
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Drag Racer in Twin-Turbo Mustang Hits 196 MPH on Rear Wheels


If you enjoy seeing some of the craziest, most souped-up cars on the planet, than drag radial racing may be the thing for you.

Frank Soldridge is a legend in a class of drag radial racing called Radial vs the World, which allows both stock suspension-style cars and full tube chassis cars to go head-to-head in competition. Back in 2017, Frank took to the strip at South Georgia Motorsports Park in his incredible Ford Mustang and absolutely LET IT RIP. I mean, this dude was going for liftoff.

Soldridge rocketed through the finish line at 196 MPH in 4.08 seconds. Oh, and he did it all on the Mustang's rear wheels, too. Don't believe it? Well, we've got the footage to prove it. Hold onto your butts, folks! You're in for a wild ride.


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It's fitting that this event was called "No Mercy," because ol' Frank showed ZERO mercy to his opponent. Like Conan the Barbarian, this guy is an absolute warrior. And, for him, the best thing in life is "to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." Or, you know, whatever the drag racing equivalent of that is.

Powered by a hefty Chevy big-block engine, Soldridge's twin turbo 'Stang was packing an insane amount of power. Which, makes it all the more impressive that Frank was able to ease the car back down on the track from two wheels to four without causing any serious structural damage. You don't learn control like that overnight. Clearly, Frank's been doing this whole drag racing thing for quite some time.

This post was originally published on January 16, 2017.


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