Matt Kenseth has earned a reputation among his fellow drivers


Matt Kenseth's departure from NASCAR is leaving a bigger void than we realized.

When USA Today was polling drivers for NASCAR end-of-year superlatives, they asked six drivers who had the quirkiest sense of humor in NASCAR. Four of the six answered Matt Kenseth. Kenseth doesn't often come across as the class cut-up in interviews, but the drivers all said there is another side to him that not everyone gets to see.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said about Kenseth, "He's gonna hate me for this, but a lot of people don't know his personality real well, and he comes across as super duper dry. But I like his humor and a lot of times he's telling a joke, and you have to pay attention to get it. He's from Wisconsin, and is kind of a smart aleck about things."

Clint Bowyer and Ryan Blaney agreed that Kenseth's humor is hiding under his dry exterior. Both mentioned that he is one of the funniest guys around, and Blaney added, "Not a lot of people think he's a very funny person or has a lot of personality, but he's one of the funniest people."


Jamie McMurray didn't even have any doubts as he answered with a straightforward, "Matt Kenseth. That's the winner."

Kenseth hasn't officially announced retirement plans, but he did say he plans to take time away from racing after this season.

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Earlier this year, Joe Gibbs Racing announced that 21-year-old driver Erik Jones will replace Kenseth in the No. 20 Toyota Camry in 2018.