Matt Kenseth hints he may have a future on the track after all


Matt Kenseth lost his ride at Joe Gibbs Racing and decided to retire from the sport instead of taking a ride that he didn't feel he could compete in. And when he left, he said he'd hang it up completely.

"I thought of maybe being involved and doing different things (after driving), especially at JGR," Kenseth once said. "The talk over the years was that we want you to stay involved and be part of the company, but through the years that stuff has changed for a number of reasons. At this point, I can't envision myself being back at the race track. You never know what can change."

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Now, maybe, just maybe, something has.


Kenseth may be open to racing on dirt, according to

The conversation came up in the context of what Kenseth  could see himself doing and not doing in racing. One thing he's not going to  do -- own a team. One thing he could consider doing -- dirt races.

"There's a chance of that," Kenseth said. "Way more than owning something."

It would be very, very cool to see the popular Kenseth  back on the track, no matter track it is.