Martin Truex Jr. won the title, but his girlfriend won America's heart with her touching remarks


After Martin Truex Jr. captured the first championship of his career on Sunday at Homestead, he was holding back tears while discussing what the title meant to him.

Truex was asked about his girlfriend, Sherry Pollex, who is battling stage III ovarian cancer. Pollex's battle forced her to miss some of Truex's wins this season, and they were both emotional when they met after the race.

Pollex told Truex, "That's why you never give up."


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"That's been our motto all along, ever since I started my cancer battle," Pollex said. "(It) was just we were never going to give up, and we didn't. ... Everybody's battling something. Everybody's fighting something in their life, not just cancer but any kind of struggle they're going through in their life.

"And we always say, if you can find a struggle with a positive attitude and just have a smile on your face and find the good and the silver lining in everything, in the end, you'll come out and karma will pay you back and good things will happen to you."

Truex said he wanted the championship for a variety of reasons, but he especially wanted to win for Pollex. It was a touching moment between the two after Truex won the championship, and it's evident how special winning the championship is for both Truex and Pollex.


(h/t For The Win)