kyle busch nut checks clint bowyer
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Kyle Busch "Nut Checks" Clint Bowyer During Group Photo


There's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but it's pretty hilarious when it gets caught on camera. Particularly when said "competition" is in the form of a little bit of mischievous hijinks.

A few years back, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch got caught red-handed giving a quick "nut check" to Clint Bowyer during a photo opportunity at Richmond International Raceway.

Check out the below video to see it for yourself, but don't blink because Kyle is really swift with it.


There were 16 talented drivers on the stage on this day, so what better time to grab a photo in front of the trophy? Of course, with pictures comes that awkward moment where everyone just has to stay frozen in their pose, and that's when Busch decided it was time to strike.

With a quick motion and without even looking, Busch throws his hand backwards and nearly lands a direct shot on Clint Bowyer. It does appear to only strike the thigh, but it was definitely close enough to where Bowyer felt the need to protect the area with his hand. He does get a good laugh out of it, but he does his best to stay composed. I'd love to see that photograph, and check out if he's still covering himself in it. If that was the case, I'd have to give credit to Busch for the perfect timing.

That was a close call, but I can only imagine that Bowyer got even with Busch somehow. Even though the races can be tense, it's good to see that they still know how to have a little fun with one another. However, when these guys get on the race track, all those fun and games go out the window as they focus in on grabbing the victory.

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