A former champion is returning to the track full time in 2018


After winning the 2009 Formula 1 championship and then retiring as a full time driver in 2016, Jenson Button has announced that he will be returning to racing. Just a year after giving up his seat in F1, Button will be moving to a new discipline: The Japanese Super GT series.

"I'll be racing for Honda and have a contract to race with Honda in Super GT in 2018," Button said via Motorsport.com. Button had participated in the biggest race of the Super GT season last year when he drove in the Suzuka 1000km in August and was sold, saying:

"It's been a dream for the last couple of years, I love the category. I did one race in Suzuka this year, and it got me very excited. I'm very excited about the new season. There's a lot of testing to be done to feel comfortable and hopefully improve the package and go out next year and be competitive."

The move gives the Japanese series an internationally recognized name that will surely help bring eyes to the series that is popular in Japan but practically unheard of to American audiences.

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