More details emerging after a car accident involving Hall of Fame NASCAR driver


Recently we learned of a car crash, involving NASCAR Hall of Fame driver, Jack Ingram.

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On Sunday, Ingram, 80, was transported to Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC according to USA Today. Reports suggest Ingram suffered internal bleeding and had surgery Sunday evening, according to posts on a CaringBridge site for Ingram. They read as follows:

Hi, everyone. Jack was in an auto accident on the Morning of Sunday, December 3. He was driving two friends and himself to a favorite breakfast spot when the accident happened.
He was brought to Memorial Mission hospital where it was determined he had a collapsed lung, five broken ribs, and a puncture wound on his left side. He was stabilized in a few hours and moved to ICU, where he is, now.
We appreciate thoughts and prayers. We may not be able to respond to phone calls too readily, but will try and get back to everyone as we are able to do so. And we will try our best to keep this site updated as we know more.
Thank you

Hi, everyone. Once in ICU on Sunday evening, Jack had more and his care team determined he had internal bleeding from his spleen. He is currently in surgery where they will try and stop the bleeding. We do expect him to be intubated after surgery, and will just take this one moment at a time.
Thanks for thoughts and prayers. We'll continue to keep these updates coming on this page.

Hi everyone. Jack remains stable in the ICU. There has been no real change today, but that was to be expected. He's heavily sedated to keep him still, so he can heal better. We'll post new information as it comes.
Thanks, again, for all your wonderful support and kind words. It means a lot to us.
Other information was revealed, stating that Justin Thomas Thrift, 36, (the driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash)was traveling Westbound on Amboy Road. The police report state's Ingram's vehicle "traveled straight onto Amboy Road," where it was struck in the driver's side door.
Thrift, as well as a witness told police that Ingram's car, "did not stop at the stop sign and drove straight onto Amboy Road," according to USA Today.
We will continue to provide updates as they become available.