Watch a face off between the fastest Corvettes on Youtube

It's the race of the century: Leroy vs the Unicorn, a.k.a. Leroy Killer.

Cleetus McFarland has a special relationship with his car, Leroy. Seriously, it's kind of adorable, filled with adoration like, "Leroy, you're the best race car to race car." So, if you don't learn anything else from this video, you should at least walk away knowing what a healthy, loving relationship looks like.

Leroy kills it in the roll race, winning by a couple of clip-art school bus lengths, but the drag race is another story. Cleetus just can't grip the track with his stripped down monster during the first two runs. Leroy just keeps slipping into the race, definitely not building up the speed necessary to take down the Unicorn in the eighth.

But it's a whole different story in the last race. Really, this video is a lot like a Rocky movie. Just picture the Unicorn's rev in a Russian accent.

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