Danica Patrick has accomplished a feat on the track for only the third time in her career

Danica Patrick's luck might be turning around. The No. 10 driver has been faced with a rash of DNFs through the first 17 races of the year, racking up an astonishing seven since the series started.

Flash forward to her current streak, and she's just finished a trinity of top-20 finishes, which is only the third time that's happened in Patrick's career. Her most recent win took place at Pocono Raceway where she finished in 15th place; that means she's achieved a career record with four consecutive top-15 finishes.

A lot of Patrick's bad luck this year can be tied to accidents of the track; six of the seven DNFs she found herself stuck with where from crashes, making it obvious that, when Patrick isn't interfered with, she has a talent for the circuit.

Now Patrick is preparing to square off against the other drivers at New York's Watkins Glen International. The best finish she's every received at the course was 17th place. Hopefully her recent string of luck will push her closer to the top of the roster.

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