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Junior teases Kyle Busch for looking like he came straight from a 50s movie set

Since his retirement after last season's finale at Homestead, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has had a little extra time on his hands.

So when his pal Kyle Busch took to Twitter to ask people to guess why he looked like Danny Zuko from Grease, Dale Jr. didn't hesitate to poke a little fun at Busch.

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Busch's initial post to Twitter simply said, "Anybody have any guess to what I got going on today?"

The comments began to pour in, but Earnhardt's took the cake.

Fans had a little fun at Busch's expense as well.

One even had a little fun at Kurt Busch's expense as well.

But as great as some of the comments on Kyle's tweet were, Dale Jr. garnered far more attention for his reply.

It's still uncertain as to what Kyle was doing in his greaser getup at a drag strip with a ton of cash stuffed in his pockets. But who cares, the comments were hilarious.