Dale Earnhardt Jr called out a NASCAR analyst on Twitter

Fans and NASCAR alike have been complaining about Cup series drivers dominating the Xfinity series races. NASCAR went so far as to amend the rules to further restrict the number of races cup drivers can run starting next year.

One analyst saw some empty stands during the latest Xfinity race and had this to say:

It is an interesting observation that fans were clamoring for the removal of cup drivers from the lower series, yet during the Xfinity playoffs, where Cup drivers have never been allowed to compete, there doesn't seem to be much interest. At least at the track.

Jim Utter is a NASCAR editor at Motorsport.com, meaning he knows all about the ins and outs of NASCAR. There is someone who knows even more though, and that's Dale Earnhardt Jr. And he had a hilarious response to Utter's take:

Short, but effective, Junior! Calling out an analyst for being grumpy over the lack of attendance at a lower level race is hilarious, and the media does need to chill out occasionally.

However, we hope Dale doesn't take notice of what everyone has been saying about the NASCAR Cup Series' TV ratings lately. Because a lack of interest at Xfinity races is the least of NASCAR's worries right now.

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