Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Completely in Awe" of This NFL Legend, "The Best to Ever Do It"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a famous guy, right? No doubt. He's famous in NASCAR -- who wouldn't be after being named the most popular driver 15-years in a row? -- and he's about to become even more famous.

That's because NBC is raising his profile and fast. He has a roll in Sunday's Super Bowl coverage, and he also has an upcoming roll during the Winter Olympics coverage. Both offer him a chance to to expand his reach in all sorts of ways.

But famous people can also be awed by other famous people. Or, in this case, a legend. That's what happened to Dale Jr., as per his Twitter account.

Dale Jr. went to a Justin Timberlake album listening  party -- let me repeat, Justin Timberlake -- so you know there were some serious A-list celebrities there. As Junior notes, he got to say hi to  "JT," but it was someone else who caught his eye.

Jim Brown.

In 2002, the Sporting News named Brown, now 81,  the greatest football  player ever, with good reason. He played nine seasons in the league (1957-1965) and went to the Pro Bowl every year(!). He was an MVP three times and he lead the Cleveland Browns to championship in 1964 (when was the last time you heard Browns and champs in the same sentence?) When he retired, he held the records for carries (2,359), career  yards (12,312 rushing yards), and touchdowns (106). And while those records have since been broken, he's still  the only running back to average more than 100 yards per game for his career.

Went to the ... listening party. Got to say hello to JT but on the way out I met NFL royalty. Completely in awe. Jim Brown was the best to ever do it. I was honored to have this photo taken.

Dale Jr's fans know he's a huge Washington Redskins fans. Not the 'Skins have never had someone like Brown.

This post was originally published on February 2, 2018. 

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