Dale Jr. revealed his prized NASCAR collectible and asked fans for theirs. The responses are flooding in.

There are a lot of  sports fans that also double as collectors of memorabilia, whether it be one piece or 100.

Even some athletes also double as fans and collectors and Dale Earnhardt Jr. just happens to be one of them. Earnhardt took to Twitter to share his favorite collectible and ask fans to share pics of theirs.

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Dale Jr. posted a photo of Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s 1980 championship winning Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which was given to him by officials at Talladega just days before he ran his final race at the legendary track.

There was no shortage of fan submissions as they poured in. With anything from signed insulin to autographed signs, people put their keepsakes on display for all to see.


It was definitely an interesting group of submissions, with some of them being memorabilia from both Dale Jr. and Dale Sr. That's one of the greatest parts of NASCAR or racing in general. The relationships between the  drivers and their fans is second to none.