Dale Earnhardt Jr. is getting retirement advice from an unexpected source


As Dale Earnhardt Jr. transitions from being a world class athlete to a media personality, he got advice from someone who knows a thing or two about that very life change: Charles Barkley.

NASCAR.com notes that Barkley and Earnhardt have been friends since 2014 and that the 'Round Mound of Rebound' told the newly retired driver, "You've got to find something to do. I play golf and I fish pretty much every day."

Given Chuck's golf swing and his propensity to 'go fishing' on the course, he might also be subtly telling Dale he doesn't necessarily need to find something he is very good at.

His advice didn't stop there:


Barkley also told Earnhardt, "I admire you; I respect you for what you've accomplished as a driver."

It sounds as if the two athlete-turned-broadcasters might be spending some time together on the green, or the sand if Junior plays to the level of his friend.

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