Driver hospitalized, suffers severe injuries after wreck on the track


This past weekend, driver Clay Greenfield was involved in a crash while competing in the Leftover at 411 Motor Speedway in Seymour, TN.

The dirt track race takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and is typically set for 25 laps, but was shortened to 16 due to cautions. Coming into Turn 1. Greenfield made contact with the car in front of him, causing his No. 71 car to spin out. His car was hit by two separate cars after he lost control causing damage to the vehicle and leaving him in pretty rough shape.

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The melee on the dirt track look to be pretty intense. You can check it out for yourself, right around the 7:30 mark.


Greenfield took to Twitter to let his fans no his condition and keep them updated, as well as thanking the people that helped him with his injuries.

It appears that Greenfield is in good spirits and doing okay. We wish him a healthy and speedy recovery.