Juliana Daniell
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Juliana Daniell: Who Is the Former Miss Supercross and Successful Fitness Model?

Juliana Daniell isn't exactly your typical woman. I mean, aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, she's extremely versatile in the jobs that she holds. It's crafted quite a lucrative and successful career for her so far, and I feel as if she's only just getting started.

Although she had already been making a name for herself, Daniell's stardom grew even further within the last couple years after being named Miss Supercross back in 2016. Her resume is actually quite impressive, so we're going to take a look at what she's been involved with in her professional life, and you'll see just about all the proof you need to confirm her talent.

Juliana Daniell's Career

Born in Georgia, Daniell kickstarted her career as a swimmer for Virginia Tech. As she dedicated her time toward cardio and physical training in order to prepare, she developed a real passion for fitness and bodybuilding. This introduced her into a whole new world, and she went on to become a multiple-time Miss Bikini Olympia contestant, IFBB Bikini Pro competitor, and even a two-time Arnold Classic International invitee. Her beauty and determination hadn't gone unnoticed, as she's been on tons of different fitness magazine covers, including FitnessRx.

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To say she made a splash in Atlanta would be an understatement. Not only was she a model who was rapidly growing in popularity at this time, but she served as a cheerleader for the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA, a Tomahawk team member for the Atlanta Braves in MLB, and a Blue Crew member for NHL's Atlanta Thrashers. With all the exposure, Daniell started to grow a decent-sized following, but as she transitioned into motorsports work, her fans began to multiply.

Juliana was first named Miss Supercross for the Monster Energy AMA Supercross season in 2016. On top of being a spokeswoman for the sport, she also aided in different promotions both nationally and locally on the championship's social media, held the 30-second sign before each main event, and met with the top-three finishers in each of the motocross races. No matter if Honda, Yamaha, or KTM brought home a victory, she would be right there to interview the rider. For the next four years, she excelled at the position and drew in massive amounts of new viewers.






As for today, she may not be entirely with Supercross anymore, but you can still find her as a host on NBC Sports. There's an abundance of pics on her Instagram and Facebook giving everyone something to look at, while also showing what she's currently up to.

Judging by her hundreds of thousands of followers, there's certainly a large number of people interested in her life. I give her credit for being such a go-getter, and handling the pressure like an absolute boss.

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