Really though, how are guys supposed to compete with someone like Jason Momoa? If a woman tries to think about the image of a masculine man, Momoa is pretty much exactly the person they’d think about. As I’m sure you know, the ladies already love this guy, but he’s set the bar extremely high for all men out there with this one.

Momoa’s wife, Lisa Bonet, just so happens to be a pretty big car enthusiast. Her very first car was a 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, and she’s kept it ever since. That’s a long time to own a car, and it certainly looked its age. The floors were rusted out, the mechanical components were worn out, and it looked like it had a higher chance of seeing a scrapyard before it would see the road again.

Well, with Jason also being a car guy, he decided to take matters into his own hands and had the car completely restored from top to bottom. I’m not kidding when I say just about everything on this car was fixed or replaced. He brought the car to Divine1Customs in Las Vegas, and their work included redoing the small block engine and transmission, painting it black, adding black upholstery, factory wheels, and a complete mechanical overhaul. Thankfully, they maintained the awesome four-speed transmission. The car looked better than it ever did from the factory when it was finished.

This thing looks classy now, and I couldn’t picture Momoa being satisfied with anything other than perfect. With as big of a restoration as this was, it’s awesome to see the amount of thought and time that was dedicated to it. He actually filmed the entire process from start to finish and posted the video to his YouTube channel. It’s worth the watch if you’re interested in seeing how the whole thing came together. Pretty hard to top that as a gift for your significant other.


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