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Texas Man Who Sold Ford Mustang to Pay for His Wife's Cancer Treatment Got This Touching Surprise From His Kids

When Laura Ryan was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the early 2000s, her husband, Wesley Ryan, had to sell his 1993 Ford Mustang to help pay for the cancer treatment.

Laura is now cancer-free, though Wesley never expected to see his Mustang ever again. But the San Antonio, Texas native's two children, Jake and Jeni, who were just toddlers when they first rode in the Mustang, pulled some strings and helped to reunite their dad with his car, 17 years later.

The Ryan kids recorded the moment that they presented their dad with the Mustang after all these years, and uploaded the video to Facebook along with the caption, "I know how much it broke him in half seeing that car drive away from him. A day I'll never forget. Well... She's back home pops and here to stay this time. Looking forward to building this car with you this time instead of being in a booster seat looking out the window."

If you don't just a little bit emotional after watching this video, then something's wrong with you.

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"I just so happen to search the good ol' internet and wandered onto Craigslist, and I came across the car," Jake Ryan told The Drive. "Emailed the previous owner, spoke for maybe 5-10 mins, and struck a deal. Flew to the owner's place, which was about 1.5 hours away from me, and rolled her up on the trailer."

Though the Mustang currently isn't running, it's packed with 347 cubic-inch stroker engine that Wesley had installed in the '90s.

Once Wesley gets the Mustang in working condition, he says he only has one thing in mind: "Drive it till the wheels fall off, so I can rebuild it again."

This post was originally published on September 19, 2018.

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