NASCAR announcement shows why the championship race should not be held in Florida

This is not a new idea, but it is still a good one. With NASCAR announcing the schedule for the annual Champion's Week festivities, we are reminded again why the final race of the year should just be in Vegas.

As it stands now, the final race of the NASCAR calendar is at Homestead-Miami Speedway on November 19th. Then, on November 28th, the NASCAR world convenes in Vegas for events honoring the end-of-year award recipients, concerts and a parade of Stock cars down the Vegas strip.

A better idea, we believe, is to just hold the final race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

NASCAR is trying to cut costs, right? Taking one less trip across the country would surely help the bottom line of these race teams. NASCAR needs more fan engagement? Why not make the year-end celebration right at the year's end?

Having Champion's Week directly after the championship race in the same city just makes too much sense. Both tracks are 1.5 mile ovals set in warm climates, so there are no major changes to how the race itself should unfold. Plus, having the celebration of the season before excitement dies down should only make the party stronger.

The only hangup is that, currently, the week directly after the final race is Thanksgiving. You obviously don't want drivers and teams stuck in Vegas away from their family for that, but massaging the schedule to have the race a week earlier shouldn't be too much to ask. Either start the season earlier or cut a race out of the regular season, both are solutions fans shouldn't have major problems with.

What do you think? Keep the party going in Vegas after the race, or take a week off and head to the desert for vacation?

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