They don’t make remote control cars the way they used to, and this video from the YouTube channel RcFrenzy is definitely proof of that.

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With a Tamiya Toyota Hilux hard body, this Axial SCX10 Honcho 4×4 RC truck is an off-road monster. Not only can the Tamiya RC vehicle beast its way through any hard surface terrain, it can even drive through water and under ice thanks to high strength waterproofing.

Kids of all ages will no doubt enjoy playing with this RC car, but don’t let that fact that this is a toy fool you. Even a full-grown adult can have a blast messing around with this bad boy.

Sure, off-roading in an actual truck may be a lot more fun, but not even the most tricked-out Ford truck can drive completely underwater like this Tamiya RC car can.

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As it says in the video description, “it is depressing to have an RC that cannot run in water.” Honestly, we’d have to agree with that one. After experiencing the extreme capabilities of this truck, it’d probably be hard to go back to any run-of-the-mill remote control car.

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Now, if only they could have hooked up a mini dashcam to this thing to really give us an epic view of the underwater shenanigans. Hey, maybe they’ll figure something out for the next video.


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