toyota hilux crosses creek
YouTube: ViralHog

Toyota Hilux Crosses Creek for Impressive Off-Roading Display

"Crazy Australians, they're gonna try and cross the creek, methinks."

That's what the man who filmed the above video had to say after witnessing the owner of a Toyota Hilux attempting to cross a creek on Blacksmith's Beach in New South Wales, Australia.

Honestly, we found ourselves agreeing with the dubious guy's initial assessment. We've seen our fair share of epic off-roading videos, and quite a few successful off-road runs, but this seemed like an endeavor that could've been doomed from the start. But, this Aussie off-roader seems like he's pushed it to the limit a time or two before, and considering that Lake Macquarie is a popular spot for 4WD-based shenanigans (as Auto Evolution points out), it wasn't as daunting of a task as you might think.

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Before the Hilux took the ultimate plunge, the driver's buddies did a pretty good job of sizing up the situation, wading into the creek to make sure that it was a doable scenario. As soon as it was go time, the Toyota driver got off to a pretty good start, flying across the water at a decent clip.

But, a little more than halfway through the crossing, he slowed down a bit as the water got deeper. The guy filming the whole thing thought that it was game over, but after some persistent chugging along, the seasoned off-roader made it to the other side of the creek, much to the jubilation of those on land.

To the awestruck bystanders, the Toyota driver is a "fucking legend." Though, just judging from the guy's reaction, it's just another day on the beach.

This post was originally published on March 18, 2019.

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