This Ford truck has 2,000 horsepower and eats ski slopes for breakfast DuneTV1/YouTube

Ford Raptor, eat your heart out. This guy built a 1936 Ford Pickup into a snow covered hill climbing monster with 2,000 horsepower and 2400 ft-lbs of torque.

Competing in the Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge in Northern Michigan, Duane Murphy’s “Evil Twins” twin turboed 1936 Ford pickup is custom built with a 620 ci big block Ford with two Garrett 88mm turbos, a 2-speed powerglide transmission, a Ford 9 inch front and rear, custom roll cage and shocks with 14 inches of travel.  Of course, it also has some impressive off-road mudding tires and locking differentials.

Duane built the car primarily in a small shop in his home state of Iowa. Before this event, he barely had any seat time, saying:

“[I] Had two practice runs at home in a corn field and we loaded up and came to Michigan.”

The Schuss Mountain event is for a good cause with a portion of the proceeds going to the Michigan’s Disabled American Veterans.

Knowing what these guys are racing for, they hold nothing back and just simply haul butt up three different ski slopes to kick off the off-roading season.

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