If you’ve ever seen the movie Fate of the Furious, which is the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, you probably remember the badass tank that drifts through ice and snow, looking like it can dish out some serious damage.

While in the movie Ludacris’ character is behind the wheel, the tank that you saw on the big screen is based on the unmanned Ripsaw tank, which is an actual U.S. Army test vehicle that just so happens to also be one of the fastest tanks in the world. Pretty sweet, right?

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Per Mashable:

The Ripsaw was developed by Maine-based Howe & Howe Technologies, which specializes in lightweight military-grade vehicles. It’s powered by a Duramax 6.6 liter V8 diesel engine and mounts an M153 CROWS weapons station, capable of handling up to a .50-caliber machine gun.

At 750 horsepower and under 10,000 pounds, the Ripsaw is capable of just over 100 mph, but is too light and too fast to really be classified as a standard tank. And it doesn’t really have the same heavy armor or firepower of the Army’s go-to battle tanks, which can be twice as heavy.


There are five different variants of the Ripsaw, and, in the video below, you can see the Ripsaw EV2 in action — the luxury super tank version that costs about $1 million. This thing is definitely no joke.

Say what you will about the Fast and Furious movies, but the people behind them sure do know how to bring in some insanely epic vehicles. Considering that they’ll probably find a way to churn out at least another five of those movies before they exhaust the franchise, I’m sure we’ll see even more extreme rides than the Ripsaw tank going forward.


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