Tug-of-wars are epic tests of strength, and no, I’m not talking about that field day game where two teams pull on a rope. I’m talking about some epic off-roading American badassery where two beasts enter, and one beast leaves. It’s like Thunderdome on wheels.

In this match-up, we’ve got a Dodge Cummins Ram 3500 taking on a Ford 8600 tractor, and while it looks like the tractor has a decent shot of pulling off the win at first, the Dodge easily comes away with the victory in complete and total domination. This is one torque battle you’ll want to see through to the finish.

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Now granted, this probably would’ve had a much different outcome had it taken place in a field, as the Dodge has a pretty far and away advantage from a traction perspective. Regardless of how souped-up they are, tractors really don’t stand much of a chance on pavement.

This led to plenty of YouTube commenters voicing their disproval of the head-to-head, with comments like, “I think we can all agree they need a rematch because there wasn’t a real winner,” “The amount of people who do not understand the concept of traction makes me sad for humanity,” and even “Rigged, this video sucks.” That last one was pretty harsh.

Sure, it’s not the most evenly matched or conclusive tug-of-war. But, even with all of that in mind, this is a pretty sweet face-off nonetheless if you like to see toque and heavy-duty power in all its glory. It would be sweet to see them do this on a dirt track though. Possible Part Two in the works?


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