You’ve got to check out this wild news story from Houston, Texas. Now, apparently there was a couple that went into Bully Kamp, a shelter for different breeds of bulldogs. They told an employee, Alize James, that they were interested in purchasing one of the puppies, which happened to be worth $10,000. As James went to grab some paperwork, the couple snatched the puppy and went running out of the door.

The couple was captured on camera running to their vehicle. Shortly after, James realized what was happening and ran out the door after them. She confronted the couple at their car, but they threatened to run her over, and then rammed the car into her, which pushed her onto the hood as they drove off. James held on to the vehicle’s hood, despite the driver making erratic maneuvers on the roadway. After about 10 minutes, she was still holding on, and the driver was forced to stop.

Things still didn’t go to plan once stopped, though. The male driver grabbed James and physically forced her off of the vehicle, before speeding off with the stolen puppy. James was left with scrapes and bruises. They may have thought they got away, but just last month, police identified the woman as 21-year old Royshana King. She was arrested and has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Chances are that her boyfriend will see the same charges.

People are crazy, but unfortunately for this couple, Alize James takes the safety of every puppy very seriously. Thankfully, this couple will have to pay for their wrongdoing, and no one else was injured in the event. After being interviewed by local news, James stated that she does not regret doing what she did, but she would not put herself in that situation again.

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