toddler falls out of car

Video Shows Toddler in Car Seat Falling out of Moving Car, and the Mother May be Facing Criminal Charges

MANKATO, Minnesota -- A 2-year-old girl was uninjured Monday morning when her car seat suddenly fell out the rear door of a moving vehicle and onto a street in an incident caught on another vehicle's dash cam.

Police say it's unclear why the door of the vehicle opened, allowing the car seat to tumble out, Fox 9 reports. The girl was strapped into the car seat but it had not been secured inside the vehicle.

"If it didn't happen in front of me, I'd never have believed it," Chad Cheddar Mock wrote on Facebook. Mock also shared the video from his dashcam.

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The video shows Mock driving down a street making a right turn when the child suddenly falls from the rear door on the driver's side of a vehicle he was following.

Mock stops to check on the child, but the vehicle the girl fell from initially keeps driving, with the driver apparently unaware of what happened. Other drivers also stop to check on the child.

The mother of the girl, who was driving the car, eventually circled back and returned for her daughter, ABC News reports. The girl was returned to her mother after emergency workers determined the child had not been injured, reports say.

Authorities are seeking charges against the mother of child endangerment and a child-restraint system not being fastened.

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