Tesla could start blocking drivers' access to its Supercharger network


When Tesla first starting building their network of Supercharging stations across the country, the idea was simple. It was meant to be a quick way to charge while traveling, or they could be used if you had limited access to charging. With more than 7,500 Superchargers placed strategically across the country, a long trip in a Tesla is more than possible and this greatly added to the appeal of owning one of these cars. The stations were never meant to be the owner's primary method of charging because as more cars were sold, charging stations would become overcrowded. Five years later and that is exactly whats happening, and it's forcing Tesla to get very serious with certain customers.

According to a report in Bloomberg, Tesla released up an update to their Supercharger fair use policy. The new policy warns that commercial use vehicles are not to use the Supercharger stations. This includes taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers, government agencies and any other car used for a commercial venture. If Telsa determines a commercial driver is abusing the network, they warn that their ability to charge via a Supercharger will be limited or blocked. Tesla is famous for their over-the-air software updates, and it's likely they would use this method to implement their new rule.

The new policy applies to all Teslas worldwide purchased new or used after December 15, 2017. The policy also states that they may exclude certain Supercharger stations or occasional trips from the policy.

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