stolen honda accord
Anderson Police Department

Car Theft Victim Beats up Man Who Stole Honda Accord


Vigilante justice rarely pans out, and it's almost always a much, much better plan to just let the men and women in blue do the job that they've been extensively trained to do without getting involved. However, sometimes an individual embraces their inner Batman so well that they end up actually subduing criminals and becoming a legend themselves. Not all heroes wear capes, and so on and so forth.

Back in 2017, an unnamed California resident found his inner Batman after 29-year-old Aaron William Ashby allegedly stole his car. The victim woke up one morning sans his 1991 Honda Accord, so he filed a police report and took to Facebook to ask people to keep an eye out for it.

It wasn't long before a friend of the victims spotted the car and began to tail it. Following that, the victim soon joined. A chase ensued and ended after Ashby collided with a curb hidden underneath a pile of leaves.

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A release from the Anderson Police Department, which was posted on Facebook, detailed the karmic beatdown that followed.

"Words were exchanged between Ashby and the victim, but Ashby would not wait for police to arrive," the release says. "The victim tackled Ashby as he was trying to get away in an effort to affect a citizen's arrest and hold him for police. A fight occurred, and Ashby was quickly subdued by the victim and the victim's friends."

Ashby was arrested at the scene and ended up getting charged with felony vehicle theft, while the victim and company are off the hook.

Hopefully the Accord is still in working order, though it wouldn't take much to total out a '91.


This post was originally published on December 12, 2017.

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