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Shocking Video Shows Halloween DUI Crash in California


Driving drunk is obviously a massive scumbag move, and there is really no excuse for it. Especially now with Uber and other forms of public transportation. You're putting not only your own life in danger with drunk driving, but the lives of anyone else out on the road. But to drive drunk through a residential neighborhood on Halloween night, while a bunch of children are out on the streets trick or treating? That's a whole other level of scumbaggery.

Amateur video footage from out of a Visalia, California neighborhood shows the moment when several witnesses tried to stop 72-year-old James Putnam from driving away from the scene right after he had crashed his Silverado truck into another car and then into a wall around 7 p.m. on October 31.

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Putnam was said to have caused a whopping five accidents that night during his Halloween DUI spree, including one involving a motorcyclist that resulted in minor injuries, while another person involved in a Putnam-caused accident was also treated for injuries. As for Putnam, he was eventually arrested by members of the Visalia Police Department and booked on charges of felony hit and run and felony DUI.


Props to the guys in the video for stepping up and keeping Putnam from fleeing the scene. Who knows how many more accidents he may have caused as a result of his drunken recklessness? It was a pretty fortunate turn of events, for Putnam at least, that the cops showed up when they did, because it looked like the folks stopping him were pretty damn close to yanking him right out of his truck.

That's one dose of vigilante justice that most certainly would not have boded well for the 72 year old at all. Talk about one awful Halloween party.

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