OSLO, NORWAY - OCTOBER 02: Philippe Saillard, Senior Vice President of Nissan Europe, unveils the new 100% electric Nissan LEAF at NissanÕsÊFutures 3.0Ê event at the DogA-Norwegian Centre for Design & Architecture on October 2, 2017 in Oslo, Norway. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Nissan)

After recalling more than 1 million cars, a major Japanese auto manufacturer makes a bold decision

Nissan recently announced that it had recalled 1.2 million passenger cars over an inspection issue, and now the Japanese company is suspending production for two weeks to investigate the misconduct.

The issue began when it was discovered that uncertified technicians were conducting the final inspections on vehicles. Certified technicians are required to do the final inspections on vehicles before they hit the market, but that hadn't been the case for some time for Nissan.

As a result, the company recalled cars from the last three years. And even when they said they had addressed the issue with inspections, the problem persisted even longer according to AutoBlog.

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Now, Nissan is suspending production for two weeks while attempt to address the issues again. All 1.2 million cars sold in Japan over the last three years have been recalled, and 34,000 additional cars will be reinspected.

The cost of the recalls will be roughly $222 million, and Nissan will have to reinspect the steering radius and braking an acceleration capabilities on the recalled vehicles.

They will continue producing vehicles to export, but it's certainly a bad look for the company and will likely have a negative impact on sales in Japan and in the United States.