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New Jersey Rush Hour Traffic Turns to Frantic Cash Grab Following Truck Crash


EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey -- A malfunctioning door allowed cash to spill out of a Brinks truck Thursday morning on a busy highway, resulting in several drivers getting out of their cars and scrambling for the money.

The melee resulted in two crashes on Route 3 but there were no reports of serious injuries, according to

"There were $100 bills, 20s, 50s," Betsy Richards, 56, who was on a New Jersey Transit bus on her way to work in New York, tells the New York Times. "It was in all different denominations, but there was a lot of it and it was scattered all about."


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It's unknown how much cash spilled onto the highway.

And while some drivers might have seen it as an unexpected windfall, four people returned nearly $7,000 back to the police station in East Rutherford by 4 p.m. Thursday.

Other drivers grabbing money immediately handed it to the Brinks truck drivers or to police, the Times reports.


They're doing the right thing, police Capt. Phil Taormina tells, because people who keep the money could face criminal charges. Police are looking at social media, video and photos to track down drivers who left with cash, the Times reports.

"It's not finders, keepers," Taormina says.

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