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This Traffic Jam Looks Like a Black Friday Nightmare


If you live in (or have ever driven through) a major metropolitan area, then you're likely all too familiar with pretty crummy traffic conditions. You know, the kind where it can take what seems like forever to only go a few blocks.

But the sort of gridlocked, bumper-to-bumper traffic that comes to mind when thinking of sprawling American cities like New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles pales in comparison to a nightmarish traffic jam in Skopje, Macedonia. Sure, people joke about it "looking like a parking lot" when it comes to certain awful traffic conditions in the United States, but the scene shown in the video literally resembles a Black Friday parking lot.

You'll get secondhand anxiety just watching less than a minute's worth of footage of this disastrous scenario. But if getting stressed out is your thing, you should absolutely check out the below video.


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If you were to ask me to list just a single fact about Macedonia before watching this video, I honestly wouldn't know what to tell you. Now, my perception of the European country is based solely on a short video that shows one of the worst traffic jams of all time. Not a great look for Macedonia, if we're being honest. But hey, I'm sure they have some outstanding restaurants.

To be fair, I'm not sure if traffic in Macedonia is always this bad or if the situation is just a fluke caused by a few stupid drivers. From the looks of things, there are at least a couple drivers who don't seem to be doing their best to help the flow of traffic. My opinion? Anyone who did play a part in causing this absolute mess of a driving experience deserves to be promptly thrown in jail.

This post was originally published on September 12, 2018.


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